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the desire to know your own soul will end all other desires


shadow intimacy will teach you about your soul,
and integration of it can actualize the self love and life force energy you seek.


monthly insights + tools from the deep, straight to your inbox!


the most valuable kind of mutual resonance + connection is discovered in the depth of vulnerability, I take monthly subscribers into my own personal abyss.


I also deliver supportive insights, solid lines of inquiry for your own deep diving, and offer strategies for integration. 


 let's descend together, and surface better.


the parts of soul avoided, will incessantly ask in every possible way to be integrated.

can you hear your shadow soul?

the human experience has a way of asking, and sometimes even forcing us to confront the shadow. and while it doesn't seem so ..... 

this is love.

the dark is for you.

the ego finds any call (and certainly any consideration of shadow exploration), alarming.

it doesn’t much like the change that usually comes from the process.

therein is the system of resistance. the uncomfortable contradiction. 

I see well in the dark, traverse it strategically, and carry tools for the nervous system. ​

I provide readings for those committed to going deep in for an autopsy of the shadow soul, where we will breathe life force energy back into it, and bring it all back to the surface for proper integration into your external life. 

Whether you are contemplating a radical life transition but the shadow is presently a tether, or darkness has been brought to your door, I am here to help.



training + resources


There is no normal life that is free of pain. it's the very wrestling with our problems that can be the impetus for our growth.

fred rogers

Audrey's scientific knowledge of our anatomy is immense, and her tenderness towards the human experience is hard to quantify.

Personally, I've found breathwork the most useful pathway to meditation + flow state - something about the concentration on repetitive breath keeps my thoughts grounded and generates more presence in my body. A fantastic tool to have if you're drawn to the concept of somatic healing. I recommend her masterclass! 

 I came broken, empty, lost, and scared. I had a terrible habit of feeling like I could do the work on my own. I was constantly trying to pour from an empty cup.  I contacted Audrey, hoping for a bail out. Her ability to gift you the tools, safe space, and techniques are unmatched. She’s a magnetic human with the most knowledge, dedication, and heart of anyone I have met. Her work is her soul and you can feel that. Thanks to our time together I now feel and know I am capable. I have discovered a new love for life that I was afraid I had lost forever. 



Communicating with Audrey felt like a truly cleansing and healing experience. Kind. Gracious. Open. Direct. Observant. Reflective. The best kind of therapy, including the distinctive breath work. A sincere and soulful approach to connections and disconnections.




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