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5 reasons why somatic breathwork is valuable to wellbeing

breathwork is effective somatic medicine, valuable to human wellbeing, here are 5 reasons why that is:

ONE - when we create the time and space to enter into vocational and intentional breathing, we communicate and generate the felt sense of safety in the body through our willingness to turn towards what the body is saying.

TWO - the felt sense of safety in the body signals the reduction of stress hormones

(stress hormones are on tap and in constant flow for most of us)

The felt sense of safety is what the human species desperately needs to recalibrate and regulate the collective nervous system.

THREE - the chemical exchange taking place in the blood through somatic breathwork cleanses the energetic clutter in the nervous system and purifies the molecules of toxins in the body

FOUR - somatic work releases what is suppressed in the body through involuntary movement invoked when oxygenation occurs.

FIVE - the way the body speaks and feels on the other side of somatic experience, indicates healing and continues to be resourceful for hours (sometimes days) to come.

Learn more with HA SKOOL about the benefits of breathwork in Breathwork AS Medicine (or BAM as we like to call it) starting Sept 5th 2023!

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