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develop consciousness with this one very effective tool

Breathwork is a simple yet potent way to be present. ⁣

What keeps you from presence?

Some form of nervous system dysregulation?

When is the last time you did nothing more than breathe for say 5 min?

Try it.

Reach into the relationship you have with the most vital and powerful resource you have.

When we choose a conscious way of being, ⁣

our UNconscious WAYS of being start to rise and be known. ⁣

This is the chemical composition of the discomfort that emerges when breathing is the singular thing happening.

This is in part, subconscious programming fighting to remain relevant and dominant. ⁣

Often this sounds like conflicting internal dialogue, and feels discomforting. ⁣

And, this unpleasant experience with unconscious ways of being, invites a valuable opportunity to NOTICE unconscious patterns with ENOUGH curiosity to discover more.

A discovery that supports consciousness and cycle breaking.

Breath is the basis for a conscious way of being. ⁣

here at HA SKOOL we teach a course on why this is and how to resource this unconditional tool effectively, it's called: Breathwork AS Medicine. or BAM as we like to call it.

What is covered during this 8 week live virtual course:

1. house holding a breath work practice and managing contraindications

2. exploring the indications of breath work through our structural anatomy

3. exploring the indications of breath work through circulatory anatomy

4. exploring the indications of breath work through the nervous system

5. how breath work effects the field of energy

6. using energetic systems (like the chakra system) to build a breath work framework

7. formulas and breath work prescriptions for everyday ailments in the body and mind

8. holotropic and psychedelic breath work for deep tissue exploration and healing

A scientific education and energetic experimentation experience with breathing.⁣

With consciousness.

⁣ ⁣

* after BAM will be my first ever facilitator training, and this class is a pre-req for that one. ⁣

We would be delighted to have you join HA SKOOL in raising the collective consciousness through raising yours! Find out more, or register for BAM (starts Sept 5th) HERE

At minimum, take a few minutes to breathe today, feel into the discomfort and into your relationship with the basis of consciousness.

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