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life force energy giving masterclass on the anatomical basics of breathwork. recorded March '24


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Are you curious about and interested in learning about breathwork?

Maybe it’s that you want to learn different breathwork techniques, why and how they work and when to use them?

Here’s the thing, there is very little else I know more about.

I’ve been getting educated, and educating on, breathwork for nearly a decade. I’ve studied this subject more than any other singular subject.

Here’s a bit of what I know about breathwork:

  • Breathwork is a vehicle for physical integration and energetic embodiment.
  • Breathwork is a pivotal to somatic healing work, and I have yet to meet anyone not in need of somatic therapy.
  • Breathwork is useful in creating and maintaining health and wellness
  • Breathwork opens up and generates creative life force energy, which can be resourced for limitless needs and desires
  • Breathwork is an active reclamation that produces empowerment.

For this entire period of ongoing study, I've felt that we've been robbed of this knowledge.

I feel that given the nature of breathing, we should have long been in awareness and association with the power of our own bodies, that this awareness is in actuality our birthright.

I’ve felt and continue to feel that it’s necessary for us to come back to our own innate power, I know breathwork to be of great utility in doing this.

I possess a desire to share what I know with you.

So if breathwork education is calling you, you should know this masterclass is a special sauce, a simmer down into a the most nourishing education on this subject I can offer.

This masterclass is also a community experience, and while you will not be with this incredible group live, your energy is in resonance to ours (or else you wouldn't be there considering this course.) That resonance means you will find yourself inside our life experiences, thoughts, ideas and collective conversation.

In this masterclass we explore the structured content of:

- responsibly householding a breathwork practice for self

- breathwork practice prep

- the biochemical + physiological effects of how we breath

- resourcing breathwork for nervous sustem regulation and grounding

- breathwork as a physiological cleanse

- accessing the electromagnetic heart through breathwork practices

- trauma/shadow/somatic healing work through the breathwork body

- opening and expanding creativity through breathwork

- breathwork q&a

And we also talk about life, and the application of these ideas, we talk about death and difficult life experiences and how reconnecting to this birthright changes who we are over the course of these 5 hours.

Ready to receive, I invite you in.

This class is a prerequistie (not mandatory but recommended) for BREATHWORK SPACE, a facilitation masterclass.



    this ticket is for those who would prefer to take the course at their leisure in a recorded rather than live experience

    +$3.75 service fee



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