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what is a coaching ? 

We all are distorted in our perception of self, and therefore, in our perceptions of what's happening socially and relationally.


The external painfully reflects the internal, and often we need a neutral safe space to explore the distortions, clear the psychic debris, and discover reality. 

We are meant to heal, and do this very human work in community.


I will reflect softly, safely, and productively what is hidden from view for you, by reading your language and the messages within your experiences.

I will also help you learn how to read yourself,  


what is coaching ? 

Coaching is integration work.

When new or deepened awareness hits, which will happen through our work together in the reading process, with immediacy the nervous system will ask something along the lines of "Now what?".

Safe integration of awareness often requires support and certainly benefits from neutral wisdom, this is what I will do for you. 

I hold space for you as you connect to and strengthen your innate wisdom, and help you generate and support momentum in personal growth and transformation. 


am I ready ?

I can't care more than you, what you get out of our work together, nor about what transformations happen in your life. 


But I can tell you, I want less suffering and more transformation for you. I want a different felt sense in your lived experience too. 


Do you want that for yourself?

Are you presently suffering in some way? 

Transformation only happens when you are willing;

- to be open + curious + brave (our work together will be hard and sometimes scary.) 

- observational and inquisitive

- and willing to be actionable, which undoubtedly will mean hard conversations with self and others and changes in how you approach and do life. 

If you are committed to deep personal transformational learning, you are ready. 


what will we do together?

- explore and get curious about how you see life, emotions, and relational experiences

- explore and get curious about your values, beliefs, and how you define important context 

- reveal narratives that you feed, and learn to rewrite them, or at least feed them consciously

- learn how to read self-linguistics and life reflections 

- learn what clarity and awareness feel like in the body and what to do with realizations

- explore tools + resources for self-access and relational healing

- empower personal liberation + autonomy 

- learn how to get and maintain presence 

- reduce the charge in, and flatten trauma + shadow files in the nervous system

- expand + optimize your daily lived experience and relationships 

- and most importantly, face and overcome the terror of accepting oneself completely


Audrey felt like an instant safe haven. It felt effortless allowing her to see me in my vulnerability. She met me with a deluge of empathy at every turn. She challenged me physically to reach beyond, and encouraged me to do my own work, while being supportive and incredibly available. She is a spiritual leader, a spiritual teacher, and the essence of a kindred soul!


After the most difficult year of my life, I knew something had to change. I was angry, depressed, and not myself. I knew that I had to change! That’s when I found Audrey and what a blessing she has been in my life. I went to one of her breathing classes and I knew that she was the one who could help me. Since that day I have been fully committed to follow her guidance and do the work. My life has change drastically in the last five months. She is amazing! If you are looking for real change in yourself, she is the best mentor I have found on my journey.


My emotions force themselves to the surface screaming, 'it's safe here, see me", every time I step into session with Audrey. She provides an absolute unique depth, hope, and exploration into being. A space to journey within.

I breathe better because of her. 



my approach

Safety in curiosity is the grounded priority I bring into every reading + coaching session. Neutrality comes third. The applied intention of every session is to provide a safe space to be seen in, a safe path for curiosity-driven exploration of self, and a safe way to integrate the shadow + awareness we find inside the landscape of you. 

I am comfortable and grounded in discomfort, which will support the relaxation of your felt sense of discomfort. 

I see + feel well in the depth. I'm intuitively accurate, yet humble enough to be wrong. 

I am trauma-informed and experienced, and understand the complexities of working with the nervous system. 

I am well-resourced with tools, and well-versed in the language of the human soul. 




I have a strong desire to make personal growth and transformation services accessible to broad demographics within community. 

1 hour session is $100 

Part of your session fee is used to fund sessions for those who cannot afford it, there is an energetic component that serves many in paying full price. 

I also provide a 30 min session for $30 on any Thursday my books are open. 

If you need further financial assistance, please contact me via the email to the left and briefly fill me in on your financial need as it relates to working with me. 

I am here in service to all. 

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